Privacy Policy

Sree Dhanya Homes Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “Sree Dhanya”), hereby informs you about the protection and processing of your personal data (hereinafter referred to as the “Data”), collected from you by subscribing to the website

The Data processing activities shall be carefully, lawfully and fairly executed and the Data shall be processed in order to safeguard your privacy and your rights.

  1. The Data you will supply shall be processed on the following purposes:
  • Sending and forwarding of newsletter, brochures and any other advertising documents and materials on Sree Dhanya programs/projects, as well as any communication and invitations to events, conferences launched and promoted by Sree Dhanya.
  • Statistical analysis and researches on an anonymous and aggregate basis;
  • Fruition of services and opportunities available on the website;

Applying all obligations imposed by laws, regulations, or Community legislation;

  1. The Data may be accessed by:
  • Sree Dhanya staff in charge of the management of the relationship between you and Sree Dhanya;
  • Sree Dhanya staff whose Data access is required by Law;
  • The Data may be communicated to third parties and entities whose collaboration Sree Dhanya could use for any data processing activities. Apart from said subjects no other persons shall have access to the Data.


  1. The Data, collected by completion of the appropriate forms, shall be processed either electronically or manually. In any case the Data shall be processed with appropriate means in order to ensure Data safety and privacy.